We Customize Treatments for your hair and scalp!




A deep conditioning treatment for dry, brittle hair. This treatment provides significant moisturizing effects. Infused with Fiaschetto Tomato (from Torre Guaceto, italy), olive butter, and vitamin E; its formula is designed to deeply nourish chemically treated hair, making it soft and silky and also giving it body. Highly recommended for damaged or very dry hair due to bleaching, highlighting, perms or relaxers.


Illuminating and regenerating treatment for colored hair. This treatment is designed to deeply nourish colored hair, and improve the duration of cosmetic color with its infusion of the Caper Blossom from Salina, Italy. This treatment transforms hair leaving it soft and silky while offering long-lasting protection and brilliant shine to the hair.


Smooths and improves control of frizzy or wavy hair.  Winner of Allure magazine’s 2014 Best of Beauty Natural Wonders.  This treatment’s formula is designed to gently condition frizzy and unruly hair by enriching hair with the Minuta Olive from Sicily.  The treatment contains rich ingredients that add moisture and shine to hair.


A beautifying treatment for dull, dry, lusterless hair.  This treatment instantly gives shine, softness, silkiness, detangles  and controls frizz.  A luxurious treatment you can use to protect your beautiful hair.  It has rich ingredients including apricot butter, which hydrates and soothes; and Roucou oil, which prevents hair aging and contains strong anti-oxidants.






An intense reconstructing treatment for the well-being of brittle, fragile, chemically treated hair and scalp.  This treatment starts with Davines Naturaltech Nourishing Shampoo and massage to stimulate circulation in the scalp.  Next, Nourishing  Restructuring Miracle is applied.  This treatment is a repairing serum for extremely damaged hair that combines keratin and hydrolyzed keratin to protect and restructure hair.  This treatment rehabilitates the scalp and mends the cuticle layers of the hair.


A stimulating and energizing treatment for fragile hair that is susceptible to hair loss and lack of volume.  This treatment starts with Davines Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo and massage to gently cleanse the hair and stimulate scalp microcirculation, which increases the mobilization of toxins.  Energizing gel is applied as a preventive treatment slowing down the hair loss process by stimulating the metabolism, giving strength and body to fine or stressed hair.  The entire Energizing treatment uses caffeine to help stimulate the hair’s follicle giving it that extra push to promote growth as well as strengthening existing hair.


The Replumping treatment infuses the hair with hyaluronic acid adding moisturize and long lasting buoyancy, elasticity, and protection to the hair.  Replumping Hair Filler Superactive is then applied.  This treatment compacts the hair structure, which gives hair longer lasting hold, and leaves hair very shiny.  The effect on the hair will make an immediate difference in hair texture, bounce, and shine. For full-bodied hair, seek the Replumping treatment.


The Rebalancing treatment helps to treat and retrain hair follicles to produce fewer oils in order to prevent oil and grease within the scalp.  The Rebalancing treatment uses a combination of burnet extract and cinnamon extract to normalize sebum production, keeping the scalp clean.  This treatment starts with a gentle rebalancing shampoo and massage to treat and remove excess sebum, leaving the scalp nourished and clean.  Next the award-winning Wellbeing conditioner is applied.  This conditioner is designed to smooth and moisturize hair, leaving it looking soft and silky.



Treatment to enhance shine and fix colour. It makes the hair structure compact, it increases shine and extends the duration of cosmetic colour in just three minutes. The scent that characterizes the MINU family has a citrus (orange blossom) and fresh note.

Ask your stylist to prescribe a customized treatment in salon and a take home Treatment.

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